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Café Taste the sweet

We are distinguished by an original climate, music, atmosphere and original drinks and desserts prepared by our original service!

Delicious drinks and desserts.

It is also remarkable for craft ice cream - its own production on a dairy base, which are the advantage of original flavor combinations and high quality. Carefully selected ingredients and selected recipes to make every taste delight. In the summer, real sorbets, without the addition of milk, on fresh fruit. We serve ice cream with spatulas, an Italian way that allows you to apply ice cream without contact with water. We offer only ice cream in a wafer or ready-made cups with the addition of fruit, dried fruit, sauces and hot raspberries. We also offer homemade pastries and desserts composed by us. Everything that comes out of our confectioner's hand is a delight to the palate.

Great coffee

Cafe & Pub works remarkably at Brasil Moka Crema Bar. It is a coffee bean consisting of 50% Arabica beans and 50% Robusta beans. Arabica beans are harvested in Brazil and Central America, while Robusta coffee beans are selected Asian species. Our coffee is distinguished not only by its taste, but also by its delightful appearance. Trained staff can make excellent espresso and coffee combined with milk.

Tables of sweets

If you have no idea to spice up a wedding or other special event, our sweet tables are the perfect proposition for you. Sweet table is a new trend that is to combine modernity with tradition. In our offer you will find cupcakes, cake pops, muffins as well as cheesecakes and small nuts type cookies. Both the appearance and content of each sweet table are implemented according to individual customer preferences.

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ul. Wyzwolenia 40
43-438 Brenna, Polska

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