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Whirlpool Relax yourself

The beneficial effect of water massage has been known for a long time and is more and more often used for everyday relaxation. The massaging action of a bubble bath full of air and a local massage with a strong underwater water jet gives you complete relaxation within a dozen or so minutes.

Indoor Jacuzzi 

Warm water (35 degrees C) increases blood circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins, stimulating a natural feeling of bliss. The lightness that water gives you relieves pressure in your muscles and joints. The pleasant feeling of "lack of weight" makes it easier for us to move both during and after the bath. Massage, rhythmic pressure directed by the jets of water, releases tension, which in turn accelerates all natural healing and regenerative processes occurring in our body. Hydrotherapy also relieves arthritic pain and relieves some of the symptoms of diabetes. Using the mini pool reduces stress and ensures a good night's sleep.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

We have enriched our offer of relaxation and rest with an additional massage tub. It is located by the outdoor pool in a place that in sunny weather is constantly exposed to the sun's rays. The combination of healing activities of aerated water and massage jets with a view of the forest and the river allows you to relax and find peace. The outdoor jacuzzi is only available in the summer season (June-September). The water temperature in the outdoor jacuzzi is around 30 degrees.

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