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Saunas Spa Zone Brenna

Our unique Wellness zone is equipped with up to four saunas, including three dry and one wet. Such a rich offer gives everyone the opportunity to find the right sauna with the right temperature and humidity.
Moments spent in the zone of warmth, soothing music and aromas will prepare you for further journey deep into the philosophy of the SPA hotel in the mountains. To make all our guests feel satisfied several times a month we organize sauna rituals in our warmest sauna, i.e. in the Finnish sauna. Sauna rituals are relaxing sessions with excellent music and appropriate aromas as well as body peeling treatment performed due to its effectiveness during a session in a Finnish sauna. The number of saunas launched in the WELLNESS zone depends on the number of people staying in it.

Finnish sauna

In the sauna, the body is exposed to dry, hot air, which in short periods of time has increased humidity, and low temperatures when cooling the body with cold water and air. The Finnish sauna cleanses the soul and body equally. Under the influence of heat, pores expand, and harmful waste products are removed from the sweat. The skin becomes perfectly smooth, cleansed, silky soft and beautiful. Steam produced by covering hot stones with water, preferably ionizes the air, which prevents fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. Under the influence of high temperature, the blood vessels expand, and as a result, blood pressure stabilizes. After the sauna, nervous disorders such as stomach aches, insomnia and rapid heartbeat pass. The use of the sauna stimulates cardiovascular activity and strengthens metabolism supporting the weight loss process. The temperature here ranges between 85-100 ° C; air humidity in the cabin is 5-15%.

Aromatic sauna

The aromatic sauna uses herbs or herbal aromas filling the room with a pleasant fragrance. The therapeutic and relaxing effect is wider here than in a traditional sauna, thanks to the effect of the effect of the fragrance on the entire human body. The air is saturated with the active substances contained in fragrance oils. Lemon inhalations , eucalyptus, lavender, pine, orange have a beneficial effect on the entire respiratory system. The advantage of the sauna is (though it sounds strange) to cause a large thermal shock to the body - first very hot, then very cold (cooling) and so on a minimum of 2-3 This process forces the body's natural defenses. Here you not only relax, relieve stress and feel the soothing, pain-relieving heat. The high ambient temperature causes the body to remove various toxic substances, cleanse the skin, increase blood circulation and burn cal orii, the temperature here ranges from 70-75 ° C; air humidity in the cabin is 5-15%.

Salt sauna

Our body responds to stimuli provided by the sauna with mental and physical relaxation as well as reactions from individual systems. A salt sauna increases the beneficial and beneficial effect of heat on our health and well-being through the use of plates made of rock salt crystals. They contain a number of elements necessary for the proper functioning of our body, including: iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, lit. These elements, thanks to the increased temperature, get from the salt crystals to the sauna air. The temperature here ranges from 50-60 ° C; air humidity in the cabin is 5-15%.

Steam room

Using a steam bath is a relaxation for the body, reduces muscle tension and relaxes the mind. A bath in a steam bath is refreshing. Puffs of steam, penetrating the skin, thoroughly clean and regenerate it. The skin after bathing is extremely smooth and soft. Hot steam works well with respiratory diseases, rheumatic pains. A pleasant stay in the cabin is the aroma mixed with hot air. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of a steam bath to all those who hate the hot air in the sauna badly. Thanks to the conditions in it, it is possible to use its regenerating qualities for a much longer time than in traditional saunas. The temperature here ranges from 50-55 ° C; air humidity in the cabin 95-100%.

Sauna zewnętrzna

Ruska bania z widokiem na góry i rzekę.

Sauna zewnętrzna to nasza nowość, która w pełni działa od stycznia 2022 roku. Jest zlokalizowana przy basenie zewnętrznym oraz jacuzzi zewnętrznym z aeromasażem. Saunę z pośród innych naszych saun wyróżnia widok, który jest widoczny przez szklane drzwi. Nasi saunowi specjaliści i stali goście często hartują swoje organizmy skacząc prostu z nagrzanej sauny do lodowatego śniegu, który znajduje się zaraz obok wejścia.

Atrakcja cieszy się bardzo dobrymi opiniami naszych gości, którzy kochają odwiedzać nasz hotel ze względu na różnorodny dostęp do saun.

Temperatura waha się tutaj w granicach 80-90°C; wilgotność powietrza w kabinie 45-70%.


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